Dr. S. K. Sachan


Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology is a professional University, which provides integrated education, research and extension activities. The University reflects a global outlook and is envisioned, to set a revolutionary pace for creating professional achievers in the field of agriculture, technology and management. The University aims to assure prosperity of farmers and rural community through diversification, intensification and linkage of agricultural markets. The extension and information services of the university are well strengthened and the scientists engaged are performing various extension activities since its inception. Eighteen KVKs i.e. Baghra (Muzaffarnagar), Bulandshahar, Dhamora (Rampur), Hastinapur( Meerut), Khajuribagh (Saharanpur), Khekara (Baghpat), Muradnagar (Ghaziabad), Nagina (Bijnor), Niyamatpur (Shahjahanpur), Noorpur Chholas (G.B. Nagar), Rustam Nagar (Moradabad), Tanda Bijeshi (Pilibhit), Ujhani (Badaun), Hapur, Amroha, Sambhal, Dataganj (Badaun) and Shamli are working under the administrative control of the University.
The University organize All India Farmers’ Fair and Agro Industrial Exhibition, Fruit and Vegetable shows, Animal Health Care Camps and impart training to the practicing farmers, rural youth, extension functionaries, Krishak Mitras and government officials/officers on various aspects of agriculture like IPM; seed production of cereals, pulses, oilseeds; diversified horticulture (fruits, vegetables, spices, medicinal and aromatic plants), soil and water conservation and organic farming. Farm advisory services, help line facility, workshop to the officers of the line departments and participation in state and national level exhibitions are the continuing extension services of the University. The on-line technology dissemination is being implemented to access the information on priority. The University has close linkages with the State Departments of Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry; Agriculture extension agencies, ICAR Institutes/Directorate, Agro-input supplying agencies and NGOs existing in the operational area.

ATIC (Agriculture Technology Information Centre)

ATIC is a single window support system linking the various units of a research institution with intermediary users and end users (farmers) in decision making and problem solving exercise. Knowledge & information are the most essential inputs of the era & must be effectively communicated to the farmers to respond successfully to the opportunities & challenges of social economic & technology changes for the improvement of agricultural productivity, food security & rural livelihoods. The main objectives of ATIC are -

  1. To provide a single window delivery system for the products and species available from an institution to the farmers and other interested groups as a process of innovativeness in Technology Dissemination at the institute level.
  2. To facilitate direct access to the farmers to the institutional resources available in terms of technology, advice, technology products etc. for reducing technology dissemination losses.
  3. To provide feedback from the users to the institute.

Dr. Satendra Kumar Khari
Professor Horticulture (Nodal Officer, ATIC)
email:- skkhari@gmail.com
Mobile:- 9410888885 (M)
Phone:- 0121-2557900(O)

Kisan Helpline

The farmers help line is established in the Directorate of Extension to provide solutions on the problems faced by the farmers.
Help line services is functional for the benefits of the farmers through its Land line No. 0121-2577900.
The Toll Free number 1800 180 1201 is now working for Bareilly, Meerut, Baghpat districts and Hapur Tehsil of Ghaziabad District. 2814 farmers have been benefited through help line services.


Salient Achievements

Salient achievements of Extension and information services of the University are summarized as under:

(i) Training
The KVKs/KGKs of the University have imparted 6139 trainings (on campus/off campus) for Practicing farmers, Rural Youths and Extension functionaries and have benefited 1,23209 farmers of the operational area. The trainings have been organized on various aspects like IPM, Crop production, Plant Protection, Horticulture (Fruits, Vegetables, Spices, Medicinal, Ornamental and Aromatic Plants), Animal husbandry, Soil and water conservation etc.

(ii) Demonstration
Frontline Demonstration (FLD) is one of the most powerful tools of the extension activities. Farmers in general, are driven by the perception that "Seeing is believing". The Knowledge and skill of the farming community is being enhanced by laying out the demonstrations on their fields. A total of 3856.37 ha area had been covered under the demonstration through which 12114 farmers were benefited.

(iii) On Farm Testing
The objective of On Farm Testing (OFT) is to demonstrate, test and evaluate the research findings at the farmer's field and to refine and modify the technologies for better adoption by the farmers. The OFTs have been designed based on the priority of the problems. During the five year 447 OFTs have been carried out on 2064 farmers field.

(iv) Advisory Services and Other Extension Activities
To create awareness among the farmers, advisory services play in important role in disseminating the agricultural technologies. The KVSs'/KGKs are the primary institution for bridging the gap between the research stations and farmer's field. Advisory Services and Other Extension Activities are also being done by different KVKs and KGKs located in different districts. A total number of 91429 programmes were organized which have benefited 737774 persons. Mass population is being benefited through different activities of the university such as Kisan Mela, Scientists visit on farmer's field, Farmers Visit to KVKs, Field Days, Krishi Gosthis, Exhibitions, Radio Broadcast, T.V. Telecast, News papers coverage, Popular Articles and Extension Literature.

(v) Seedlings & sapling production
To provide saplings to the farmers, plant nurseries are being established at all the 13 KVKs under National Horticulture Mission with the following objectives.
  • To produce high quality and disease free root stock / seed for distribution among the farmers.
  • To demonstrate the rotation of fruit-flower-vegetable and medicinal plants for promoting diversified agriculture.
  • Training of farmers for enhancing the cultivation area of fruits, flower, vegetable and medicinal plants.
  • Growing of nursery under controlled condition i.e. poly house and low tunnel.
  • A total of 682314 seed / saplings has been provided to the farmer by different KVKs.
(vi) Soil Health Improvement Program
The soil and water testing laboratories have been established at 12 KVKs. Soil testing is major tool to assess the nutrients supply. So far 26513soil samples have been analyzed and 28364 farmer are benefited. The KVK scientist are advocating NPK and micronutrients recommendations to the farmers for different crops as per test results.

(vii) Seed Production
Seed production during Kharif 2011-12 to 2015-16 as 6406.20 q. and seed production during Rabi Season 2011-12 to 2015-16 was 12358 q. The Foundation, certified and T/L seeds along with Commercial production of cereals, pulses and oil seed crops have been done the KVK Scientists.


Three Projects namely National Innovations on Climatic Resilient Agriculture (NICRA), Efficient groundwater management for enhancing adaptive capacity to climate change in sugarcane based farming system in Muzaffarnagar district and Attracting & Retaining Youth in Agriculture (ARYA) & NICRA at KVK Baghpat.

Directorate of Extension
S.No. Name Designation Mobile No. Email Id
1 Dr. S. K. Sachan Director Extension 09412923199 sachansk@yahoo.com
2 Dr. Satendra Kumar Assoc. Director (Horti.) 09410888885 drskkhari@gmail.com
3 Dr. S.K. Lodhi Asstt. Director (Horti.) 09411985380 adsvpuat@gmail.com
4 Dr. S.K. Tripathi SMS/Asstt.Prof.(Horti.) 09412350248 sktripathisvpuat@gmail.com
5 Dr. P.K. Singh SMS/Asstt.Prof.(Agron.) 09412830413 pksingh.1374@gmail.com
6 Dr. K.G. Yadav SMS/Asstt.Prof.(Agron.) 09412830557 yadavsvpuat@gmail.com
7 Dr. Mukesh Kumar SMS/Asstt.Prof.(Agron.) 09412831742 mukeshsvpuat@gmail.com
8 Dr. Hariom Katiyar SMS/Asstt.Prof.(Horti.) 09450105524 omsvpuat@gmail.com
9 Sh. Neeraj Kumar Clerk Dispatcher 09719422204 -
10 Sh. Rajeev Kumar Store Keeper 09456040222 -
11 Sh. V.P. Singh A.V. Aids Asstt. 09412830558 gauvvinay77@gmail.com

Krishi Vigyan Kendra

S.No. Name of District Name of KVK Centre Name of PC Mob. No. Website
1 Saharanpur Saharanpur Dr. Satya Prakash 09412540121 http://saharanpur.kvk4.in
2 Muzaffarnagar Baghra Dr. P.K. Singh 09411078115 http://muzaffarnagar.kvk4.in
3 Ghaziabad Muradnagar Dr. Hans Raj 09411263753 http://ghaziabad.kvk4.in
4 Rampur Dhamora Dr. Laxmi Kant 09411215276 http://rampur.kvk4.in
5 Bijnor Nagina Dr. D.P. Singh 09720974900 http://bijnor.kvk4.in
6 Sahajahanpur Niyamatpur Dr. L.B. Singh 09450155766 http://sahajahanpur.kvk4.in
7 Meerut Hastinapur Dr. Omveer Singh 09412109215 http://meerut.kvk4.in
8 Pilibhit Tandabijesi Dr. Mayank Rai 09968556926 http://pilibhit.kvk4.in
9 G.B. Nagar Noorpur Dr. R.K. Singh 09412809032 http://gautambudhnagr.kvk4.in
10 Baghpat Khekra Dr. Gajendra Pal 09456449671 http://baghpat.kvk4.in
11 Moradabad Bilari Dr. K.V. Singh 09719589630 http://moradabad.kvk4.in
12 Badaun Ujhani Dr. R.P. Singh 09412723066 http://badaun.kvk4.in
13 Bulandshahr Bulandshahr Dr. Satish Kumar 09412311504 http://bulandshahr.kvk4.in


Shake It
Shake It
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Farmer’s Fair

Farmer’s Fair:

The main objective behind organizing farmer’s fair’s is to benefit the farmer’s at mass scale. In this occasion Govt. departments, Banks & private Companies of seed, fertilizer, machinery etc. Show cased their activities in their respective stalls. A krishak gosthi also organized. Where farmer’s interacted with scientist on rural problem faced by the fruits, flowers & vegetable growers.

Kisan samman Divas

University organized Kishan samman Divas every year on 23rd December. In this occasion farmers are honored for best work done in Agriculture.