Dean Post Graduate Studies

Dr. N.S. Rana
(Dean Post Graduate Studies)


Dean, Post Graduate Studies The Master’s degree programmes are being offered in 12 disciplines including Biotechnology and M.Tech. Agril. Process & Food Engg. since 2003. M.Tech. Biotechnology has also been started in eight departments in the College of Biotechnology from the year 2008. Doctoral degree programmes are being offered in Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Agril. Economics and Management, Entomology, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Soil Science, Agril. Process and Food Engineering and Agricultural Biotechnology.


The office of Dean Post Graduate Studies is responsible for all post graduate teaching activities. The university has signed MOU with various National Institutions like Project Directorate on Cattle, Meerut; Project Directorate on Cropping Systems Research, Modipuram, Meerut; Central Institute for Research on Buffalo, Hisar; Central Institute for Post Harvest Engineering & Technology, Ludhiana; Indian Institute of Remote Sensing Dehradun and National Centre for Integrated Pest Management, IARI, New Delhi etc. These organizations undertake teaching/ research/ extension activities as per their respective mandates aimed at over all increase in productivity of Indian Agric ulture including Livestock sector, to uplift living standards of the farmers through improved scientific agriculture and Animal Hus bandry practices. The MOU has also been prepared and finalized with International Institutes like ICRISAT, Hyderabad; IRRI, Philippine and CIMMYT, Mexico. The MOU with these the organizations will certainly go a long way in achieving scientific goals by way of synergism through mutual sharing of resources and man power in the national interest. This will help in creating human resources which can apply their acquired knowledge and skills to diversify and industrialize agriculture for socio economic transformation of the rural society. The post graduate students will be registered in S.V.B.P. Univ. of Agric. & Tech., Meerut and the scientists of collaborating institutes having necessary qualifications for guidance of Master’s and Doctoral Research will be the co-advisors of the student. IPRs generated through collaborative work under taken with the above institutions shall be the property of two organizations/ personnel as per the ICAR policy in vogue on IPRs.


S. NO. Format No. Subject/Purpose Check/Download PDF
01 PGS-1 Proposal for Advisor Assignment
02 PGS-2 Proposal for Advisor Assignment
03 PGS-3 Advisor Assignment Order
04 PGS-4 Advisory Committee Constitution
05 PGS-5 Course Programme
06 PGS-6 Synopsis Submission
07 PGS-7 Permission for Comprehensive Examination
08 PGS-8 Report of Written Preliminary Examination
09 PGS-9 Permission for Pre-Oral/Oral Examination
10 PGS-10 Report of Pre-Oral/Oral Examination
11 PGS-11 Panel for Oral Preliminary Examination
12 PGS-12 Thesis Seminar Notification
13 PGS-13 Panel for Thesis Evaluation
14 PGS-14 Thesis Submission
15 PGS-15 Final Thesis Submission
16 PGS-16 Report of Thesis Viva-voce Examination
17 PGS-17 Attendance shortage condonation
18 PGS-18 Exam lab & Final Make up
19 PGS-19 Thesis Viva-voce Examination- permission thereof
20 PGS-20 Course addition/ withdrawl

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