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Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Dean, College of Biotechnology


It was a historic event when the College of Biotechnology was started during 2004 in the premises of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture & Technology and was formally inaugurated on April 25, 2005. The establishment of College of Biotechnology nearly 15 years ago is first of its kind in the country and reflects a global outlook with the vision to set a revolutionary pace with the advancement of technology in the area of this frontier science of Biotechnology. It was established after realizing the importance of availability of trained manpower in the area of Biotechnology in the country and pursue the goal of remaining one of the leading center of teaching research and extension in Biotechnology with total commitment to excellence in every endeavor. It also started the tradition of installing in out student with the strength of character, self-confidence and leadership in Biotechnology.

The college of Biotechnology envisages itself as a flagship program of this university par excellence instructional, scholarly, creative services and outreach mission with the following goals. Human Resource Development to produce highly skilled and qualified Graduates and Postgraduates in the niche area of Biotechnology.

Researches on various biotechnological approaches like Recombinant DNA Technology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biofertilizer, Tissue culture, Aerobic Rice, Bioinformatics etc. are in process in orderto train the students and to help in the outreach of technology to farmers.

The college of Biotechnology was planned with eight departments with a total land area of 25000 Sqm. The eight departments are those who covered each and every aspect of Biotechnology.


The college has 17 class rooms with white/green Boards and comfortable seating arrangement. The major class rooms have facilities of Audio Visual teaching and presentation & DVD'S like LCD projection systems enhance the instructional and teaching capabilities. The each department has separate class room, remaining five class rooms are reserve for various demonstration, presentation, seminar and other development activities.


  1. Tissue Culture Laboratory
  2. Enzymology Laboratory
  3. Haemetology and Histopathology Laboratory
  4. Paracytology Laboratory
  5. Microbiology laboratory
  6. Recombinent DNA technology laboratory
  7. Molecular Biology laboratory
  8. Genetic Engineering laboratory
  9. Immunology Laboratory
  10. Monoclonal antibodies laboratory

Activities of College

The students of this college participate in quiz and competition at all India level and got a good stand in first five the quiz and completion were also arranged in the university itself.
The student will also got a chance to visit some Biotechnological lab based industries for their exposure and interaction. The student of B.Tech also have an opportunity to work in a well-established and expertise lab during the summer training in the IV th year of their degree.

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